December mini-socks, 2015

Advent-calendar-2015-011Posting date:19 Oct 2015

It is time for our annual mini-sock Advent calendar.  This is the fourth year we’ve had the Advent calendar, though the mini-socks have been around for longer than that.   There’s one sock for each day of Advent (1 – 24 December), and each sock is stuffed with a delicious Lindor chocolate.  The ‘sock of the day’ goes to the first customer of each day, or at least the first customer who remembers to ask, because the store does get busy in December, and sometimes it’s hard for Nina to remember what day it is!

Nina also has a bag of additional mini-socks to give away to customers in December.  But there’s only 50 of them, so do your Christmas yarn shopping early for an extra chance to win a mini-sock.

The mini-socks are made by knitting instructor and Creative Yarns regular Mairi McKissock, from bits of leftover sock yarn donated to the cause this year by: Betty, Jane, Sylvia, Monika, Nina, Cathy, Barb, Evelyn, and Patty.  Thank you, everyone, for joining in the fun of our December mini-sock tradition!

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