New Yarn – ‘Titus’ by Baa Ram Ewe

Titus_yarn“Titus” is a new yarn by British company”‘Baa Ram Ewe”.  It has been creating quite a bit of buzz on the net, with good reason.  The fibre mix is 50% Wensleydale longwool, 20% Bluefaced Leicester, and 30% British Alpaca in a 4-ply fingering weight.  If you’re not familiar with those first two names, they are both premium British breeds of wool-producing sheep.  OK, all sheep produce wool, but some breeds produce better wool than others, and these are two of the best.

WensleydaleIlkley_Moor_hat fleece has very long fibres that add a lot of strength and sheen to the yarn.  Bluefaced Leicester, a long-time favourite fibre with handspinners, also has a long staple, and is soft, strong, and lustrous.  Titus yarn, with a generous amount of alpaca for extra softness, is a wonderful blend of woolly warmth together with visual characteristics – soft, gray-toned colours with a rich ‘glow’ – that provide excellent stitch definition. baht'at_glovesThe yarn launched with some very attractive patterns that highlight the yarn characteristics, all available at the store.  Pictured here are a couple of these designs – Ann Kingstone’s “Ilkely Moor” hat and “Baht’at” fingerless gloves – knitted as store samples at Creative Yarns.  Thanks to Jane and Angela  for knitting the store samples, and Meredith for modeling the hat. We’re looking forward to seeing more customer projects with this interesting yarn.  Please do bring your finished projects back to the store to show off what you have made!

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