Pattern suggestion: Da Crofters Kep

Posting date: 2 October 2021

Here’s a great free pattern that would work well with our current promotion for BC Garn Bio Shetland: Da Crofter’s Kep by Shetland native and expert designer Wilma Malcolmson.

This is the featured pattern for this year’s Shetland Wool Week event.  Maybe you’ve dreamed of attending this event some day – it started about twelve years ago and has quickly become one of the most highly respected knitting events internationally.  The 2021 event is just finishing up now, but it’s well worth checking out their website – memberships are still valuable because the whole event was virtual this year, and all of the video materials are still available.  Also there’s a wealth of inspiration available free in their project gallery!

So, try your hand at Fair Isle stranded colourwork with this delightful pattern.  It’s a lot easier than you might think, and Bio Shetland is a great choice: it’s a woolen-spun yarn that’s ‘sticky’ enough for easy colourwork, it’s available in a huge range of colours, and it’s inexpensive enough to make ‘splurging’ on a bunch of different colours for your first colourwork project less of a big deal.  And don’t worry about having lots of leftovers – If you fall in love with colourwork, you’ll be glad of them, because your next projects will be so much cheaper.  And if you decide that once is enough, we’ve got more pattern suggestions coming that will help you use them productively.

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