Nina’s Biography

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Grazyna Maria Klecki’s passion for knitting began at an early age when she learned her craft at her mother’s knee. Born and raised in Brzesko, Poland, she first learned to knit by making articles of clothing for family and friends. With no patterns available she followed shape and sizing from existing pieces of clothing. Nina later learned to sketch her own unique designs and create garments from her imagination using a variety of yarns and materials on hand. She also added to her skill set by learning to crochet and sew. All Nina’s designs are original and skillfully handmade. Her love of experimentation led her to work with different textures, material and colours.

Operating as Nina’s Hand Knit Design, Nina creates clothing in standard and custom sizes for both women and men. Nina also incorporates embellishments such as metallic threads, sequins, beading, fabric and felting in her creations. Nina’s projects include sweaters, coats, skirts, jackets, ponchos and accessories such as scarves, hats, vests, leg and hand warmers. Nina began selling her pieces in 2006 at fashion shows and selected boutiques in the Greater Toronto Area.

Contact information:
Nina Klecki at

Creative Yarns Inc.
1213 Ellesmere Rd.,
Scarborough, ON
M1P 2X4
tel: 416-331-8085