Articles by Mairi McKissock

New Yarn – Noro Kakagori

Posting date: 10 April 2021

There’s a huge amount of yarn in one of these giant balls of lightweight Noro Kakagori.  So, your single-skein projects can be quite ambitious!

It’s a single-ply blend of cotton and silk, with a small amount of viscose and nylon added for strength and drape.  It’s the perfect mix for cool, summer projects.

Noro’s is famous for woolen-spun, long gradient colour blends, in nature-inspired colourways.  And this yarn is a standout example.  So, the texture and the colour combine to make simple knits become dramatic and eye-catching.

Try it for go-everywhere sweaters and cardigans, shawls and wraps, ponchos and accessories.


Curbside pickup only

Posting date: 9 April 2021

I’m sure you already know, but retail stores in Toronto are closed again.  As of 7 April, our physical store is open for curbside pickup only during the current lockdown phase.

We will be happy to assist you by phone (416-331-8085), or through our online shopping portal.  Curbside pick-up and home delivery are both available.

Stay well and stay safe!  We look forward to seeing all our friends and customers again in person when it is deemed safe to reopen.

New Yarn – Artfil Mericana DK

Posting date: 1 April 2021

We are particularly excited by our latest new offering.  Artfil Mericana DK is a wonderful, soft, smooth, squishable, hand-dyed DK weight yarn.

It’s available in a huge range of space-dyed, tonal, semi-solid, and speckled colours.  All of them are gorgeous!  It’s a very flexible weight of yarn, suitable for projects big and small.  It has a nice, multi-ply, high-twist character, making it sturdy and pill-resistant, but still soft and smooth.  Use it for sweaters and outerwear that will look stand up to years of love, wear, and laundering.  Use it for cowls and delicate accessories that  you need to be next-to-skin soft.  Use it for snuggly blankets that your family will consider heirlooms.  Or buy just one skein for that perfect hat.  And then maybe a second skein for matching mittens.  Because you will never run out of things to knit with Artfil Mericana DK.

New Yarn – Pro Lana Kid Seta

Posting date: 31 March 2021

Mmmm, laceweight mohair and silk!  There is no such thing as too many choices for laceweight mohair blends, and Pro Lana Kid Seta is an excellent addition to the family.

The 70/30 blend of finest kid mohair and silk is as good as it gets.  The vivid solids and tasteful, long-colour-run gradients are visually stunning.  And it comes from a yarn company that specialises in high-quality yarns, milled in Europe.

The reason we love laceweight mohair blends so much is because of their uniquely versatile characteristics.  You can knit simple, lightweight, accessories – cowls, scarves, wraps, capelets – and even cardigans and sweaters, with just one strand of mohair at a very loose gauge in plain stockinette or garter stitch, and they will come out as light and soft as a cloud, while still warm and snuggly, with a magnificent halo.  Or, hold one strand of mohair together with any other yarn to knit more robust garments and accessories at a denser gauge.  Either way, the mohair adds visual and textural interest.  Colour and texture blending with strands of different yarns is so much fun, and so easy to do!

New Yarn – Hikoo Bubble Tea

Posting date: 30 March 2021

We’re now stocking the fun, new Bubble Tea yarn, from Hikoo.  This is a yarn with a lot going on – thick-and-thin texture, softness and drape, balanced with just enough ‘memory’ and elasticity.  It’s ideal for lightweight accessories, or loose, drapey wraps and cardigans.  And it’s a very easy yarn to work with.  The simplest patterns will come out looking terrific, because the yarn does all the work.  No complex knitting tricks required!


New Yarn – Martin’s Lab Tough Sock

Posting date: 29 March 2021

There’s always room on the shelves for more beautifully hand-dyed sock yarn!  Nina’s latest ‘find’ is the ‘Tough Sock‘ yarn  from Martin’s Lab, a small independent dyer in Toruń, Poland.

This comes in a gorgeous range of vivid colours, and the 75/25 Merino/Nylon blend and high twist means that it lives up to it’s name – although deliciously soft, it is tough enough to be perfect for socks.  Or anything, really!  Sweaters that don’t pill; shawls that can be blocked aggressively and carried around for everyday in-and-out-of-a/c use; next-to-skin accessories; you name it.

What’s not to love about a hand-dyed sock yarn?


New Yarn – Illimani Santi

Posting date: 23 March 2021

This recent arrival falls into the category of affordable luxury yarns.  Illimani Santi is a gorgeous blend of ultra-fine merino, baby alpaca, yak, and mulberry silk.

This is a very versatile yarn.  DK weight,  it has great drape so it can be worked loosely for a garment with liquid flow.  But it also has terrific stitch definition, so you can use it at a tighter gauge for denser projects with cables or textured stitches that really pop.

And, it is very, very soft and smooth.  So you can use it for next-to-skin garments, including luxurious cowls.

New Yarn – Katia Easy Hat

Posting date: 22 March 2021

This has been in stock for a while, but is new to the online storeKatia Easy Hat is exactly what it claims to be.  It might be the easiest hat project you’ve every tried, and it’s definitely the yarn you’ll reach for if you ever need a hat for Right. Now.

This is a self-patterning yarn, jacquard-style, so it looks like clever knitting.  But even the contrasting brim colour is part of the single-ball pattern.  There are no extra ends to weave in when you’re done.

Available now, in three beautiful colourways.

Silvia’s Sheep-y Shetland Blanket

Wow, this Shetland blanket is gorgeous!  Destined to be an heirloom, for sure.  Silvia knit this with 11 different colours of Queensland Collection Walkabout, using the ‘Rams and Yowes‘ pattern by Kate Davies.

Walkabout is a great yarn choice for this project.  It’s made from organic Shetland wool, really appropriate for a Shetland-themed pattern, and it has that lovely, ‘sticky’ hand that is ideal for stranded colourwork.  It is also going to be terrific for warmth.  This is because lofty, woolen-spun yarns like this trap a lot of air, and make great insulators.

And, look how beautifully knitted it is!  You can see in the closeup shot that Silvia did a great job at keeping her floats relaxed, so that there are no tension problems at all.

Terrific project, Silvia!  Thanks for sharing.


Creative Yarns Re-opening

Posting date: 8 March 2021

As of today, retail stores in Toronto are re-opening, with strict COVID-safety restrictions.  Creative Yarns will be re-opening starting Tuesday 9 March, and our hours will be:

  • Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Creative Yarns will be following all city and provincial rules and guidelines for safe re-opening.  In particular:

  • Please read and follow the City of Toronto patron screening criteria before deciding to visit.
  • Masks are required for all persons able to wear one.
  • We cannot accommodate more than two customers in the store at one time.  Please be mindful if there are others waiting to enter, and keep your visits as brief as you conveniently can.
  • We cannot allow extended ‘sit and knit’ time in the seating area.
  • Hand sanitizer is available when you enter, and we are cleaning all customer-used surfaces after every visit.

Online shopping with curbside pickup is still available for anyone not comfortable with visiting in person, but we hope that this opportunity to look at our yarns for yourself will be helpful to many of you.

We are very much looking forward to the time when COVID restrictions are no longer necessary!  There is nothing we enjoy more than having a store full of knitters, relaxing together to chat, knit, and share creative ideas.

In the meantime, thank you very much for your continued patronage through this very difficult time.  Your words of encouragement and support, as much as your purchases, have made it possible for us to keep operating and have hope for the future.

Nina’s Comfy Cardigan

Here’s another great knitting project from Nina.  The pattern for this comfy cardigan is ‘Reluctant Homeschooler‘ from Caitlin Hunter.  Nina knit her version in Estelle Chunky, a low-cost, easy-knitting, easy-care, wool/acrylic blend.

The comfy, easy-wear style of this cardigan makes it super practical for everyday use.  The pattern is also very easy to work, with minimal finishing.  You work the body all in one piece, knitting the sleeves in the round and joined them with the body to work raglan shaping all in one go.  Once you have finished the body, just pick up stitches to work the button band, attach a couple of pockets, sew on some buttons, and you’re done!

Larraine’s Stranded Mittens

Larraine found this easy, free pattern for stranded mittens, by Melissa Anderson.  It’s one of the many knitting tributes to Bernie Sanders’ famous mittens, but the mittens are pretty great, whether you enjoyed the meme or not.

Larraine used Estelle Chunky to make her version of the mitts.  For one pair of mittens, the pattern requires one skein of the main colour, and smaller amounts of three other colours.

This would be a great pattern to use up scraps of leftover chunky yarn. Alternatively, you could make multiple pairs of mittens from full skeins of the same four colours, changing which colour is the main colour for each pair.

A fun project, Larraine!  Thanks for sharing.

New Yarn – Linello from Lang Yarns

Posting date: 27 February 2021

Are you ready for summer?  Maybe you’re just ready to think about summer!  We’ve got a lovely new yarn in stock that will have you dreaming of a warmer, safer world in no time.

Linello, from Lang Yarns, is a treat for anyone who loves the look and feel of linen, but maybe wishes it were a bit easier on the hands.

It is a blend of linen, cotton, and viscose that is light, soft, strong, breathable, easy to knit, and durable.  Like all Lang Yarns, it is a high-quality preparation, with great consistency.  And it comes in a terrific range of colourways, with long, striking colour runs.

Nina already has a summer scarf worked up in this yarn – you can see it in the project gallery.  What will you make?

Nina’s Linello Scarf

Nina test-drives every new yarn she brings in to the store, and this is the first thing she did with her order of Linello from Lang Yarns.

The scarf pattern is available from Lang, but it will look just as gorgeous with any simple eyelet lace repeat.

Nina loves linen yarns, and this is a particularly nice blend of linen, cotton, and viscose,  The scarf is cool, breathable, and summery, and the yarn has a very nice hand.  It’s easier to work with than pure linen, but retains all of the best characteristics of linen.

Mairi’s Wavy Wimple

Mairi was inspired by Mary’s ‘Stole Dunes’ wrap posted to the gallery last year, and used the same base pattern to create her own hand-knit cowl .  This is why sharing projects is so much fun!  Seeing what others have created inspires our own project directions, in delightful new ways.

In this project, Mairi wondered how easy it would be to convert the pattern for circular knitting.  A little bit fiddly, as it involves working multiple rows together in a ‘barber pole’ spiral, but really not too hard.  And the result is this lovely cowl/wimple.  She used exactly one skein of Lichen and Lace 1-ply Superwash Merino Fingering, in the ‘Huckleberry’ colourway, together with a partial skein of plain black fingering yarn left over from a previous project.

The wavy ripples in this pattern make a great cowl, because they bunch up nicely for extra warmth around the neck, or easily stretch over the head for a cozy wimple.  Just the thing for a winter walk!

New Yarn – Juniper Moon Cumulus Rainbow

Posting Date: 14 February 2021

This is a new addition to the popular Cumulus line of yarns from Jupiter Moon Farms.  Cumulus Rainbow has the same yarn base, but adds beautiful colour gradients to make your soft cotton projects more exciting.

If you’ve already worked with Cumulus, you know how luscious it is.  Cotton yarns are sometimes disappointing – they look and feel great in the skein, but end up feeling hard, even stringy, when knitted up.  Not Cumulus!

Juniper Moon Farms brag about the long staple length of the Israeli  Mako cotton they use for this yarn, and it’s justified.  That extra staple length allows them to spin this yarn thicker and with more loft than lesser quality cotton fibre.  The result is a yarn that’s thick and bouncy, but with a smooth surface that makes it soft enough for the most sensitive skin.  It also holds up well to wash and wear.

Nina has a new design based on this yarn (Gallery pictures & pattern coming soon!), and there is additional pattern support from the yarn distributor, like this beautiful, but simple, Watery Ripples shawl from Vicki Myers.

New Yarn – Estelle SW Merino DK

Posting Date: 13 February 2021

Here’s another great general-purpose yarn that we are now carrying in a wide range of colours.

Estelle Superwash Merino DK is particularly well-suited for baby items.  It is next-to-skin soft.  It knits up quickly, but isn’t too heavy.  It’s 100% wool, so it’s naturally flame resistant, but it is also Superwash treated, and is machine washable.  Plus, it comes in at a lower price point than similar yarns, and is tremendous value for money.

It is very similar to Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (now on clearance), and can be substituted without modification into any pattern where you would use Cashmerino.

It’s also an excellent choice for light-to-medium weight sweaters, as it has good stitch definition to highlight cables and other interesting textured patterns.  And it’s soft enough for cowls and neckwear.

In short, a terrific all-rounder that checks all the boxes!

Pat’s Seaswell Shawl

Stephen West‘s Seaswell shawl is a perfect canvas to play with fades and gradients. 

Pat worked her version using two skeins of Lichen and Lace sock yarn, and two skeins of Artfil Belle, all different.   We love the soft fade from ivory, through brown, to turquoise  and blue!

This is a lovely pattern; not too challenging, and great fun to work, but the finished shawl is suitable for everything from casual to dressy.

Great choice, Pat – thanks for sharing!


New Yarn – Hayne’s Creek Heathers

Posting date: 12 February 2021

We have another marvelous new yarn in stock, the aran-weight Hayne’s Creek Heathers from the Canadian company Gathering Yarn.

This is a brand new yarn range, and we love everything about it.  The soft, heathered colours are beautiful and visually interesting; the lofty, woolen-spun structure is warm without being heavy;  the yardage is truly excellent for this weight of yarn; it is spun from 100% Peruvian Highland Wool in a Fair Trade certified mill in Peru; and the cost per skein is remarkably low.

We recommend this yarn for quick-to-knit outerwear projects of all kinds, but especially for cozy warm sweaters that you will come back to season after season, but won’t break the bank.

Of course, it will also work well for hats, mittens, scarves, and any felted projects.

December Mini-Socks

Posting Date: 1 December 2020

Our annual mini-sock tradition will be available online this December, as the store is still closed for in-person shopping due to the coronavirus.

These decorative mini-socks are made from scraps of sock yarn, and no two are alike. They might have one colour of yarn, or a dozen, but every one is locally handmade with love – love of our craft, and love of our shared community at Creative Yarns.

Each sock has a loop for hanging – on your Christmas tree, if you have one, or perhaps on your key chain or zipper pull to add a note of whimsy to everyday life.

We are making these available through the online shopping portal and, yes, you can buy them if you want more than one. But we would much rather give them away for free!  So, put one in your cart and enter the code MINISOCK at checkout to get one free mini-sock with any order, while stocks last. Coupon is valid one time per customer.

Note that every mini-sock is different, and socks will be picked at random.