Gala Re-opening Prize Draw Event

Posting date: 27 Jun 2017

Everything is running smoothly at the new store, and we are all as pleased as can be about the new location.  If you have already been here for a visit, you will have recognized much – the same great choice of yarns, the same friendly atmosphere, the same welcome for those who’d like to sit and knit.  Everyone seems to like the new layout – it is easier to see what’s in the store, both yarns and sample garments.

To celebrate our successful move and re-opening, we will be holding a grand gala prize draw for customers on Saturday, 8 July.  Many of Nina’s wonderful suppliers have contributed prizes large and small, but including Fleece Artist and other top quality yarns, and a grand prize of a full Addi interchangeable needle set.  Full contest rules will be available in the store, but all customers on Saturday 8 July who spend at least $20 will receive prize draw tickets.  There will be multiple draws, with prizes grouped into value categories, and purchases over $100 will earn tickets for the grand prize draw.

The draw will be held at the end of the day.  You do not need to be present at the draw to win – come any time during the day, and you will receive draw ticket(s) with your purchase.  So, if you have been thinking of a sweater project, or even just a pair of socks, Saturday 8 July would be a great time to buy your yarn.

Nina would like to thank her suppliers for their generous prize contributions:


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