Mairi’s Wavy Wimple

Mairi was inspired by Mary’s ‘Stole Dunes’ wrap posted to the gallery last year, and used the same base pattern to create her own hand-knit cowl .  This is why sharing projects is so much fun!  Seeing what others have created inspires our own project directions, in delightful new ways.

In this project, Mairi wondered how easy it would be to convert the pattern for circular knitting.  A little bit fiddly, as it involves working multiple rows together in a ‘barber pole’ spiral, but really not too hard.  And the result is this lovely cowl/wimple.  She used exactly one skein of Lichen and Lace 1-ply Superwash Merino Fingering, in the ‘Huckleberry’ colourway, together with a partial skein of plain black fingering yarn left over from a previous project.

The wavy ripples in this pattern make a great cowl, because they bunch up nicely for extra warmth around the neck, or easily stretch over the head for a cozy wimple.  Just the thing for a winter walk!

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