New Yarn – Pro Lana Kid Seta

Posting date: 31 March 2021

Mmmm, laceweight mohair and silk!  There is no such thing as too many choices for laceweight mohair blends, and Pro Lana Kid Seta is an excellent addition to the family.

The 70/30 blend of finest kid mohair and silk is as good as it gets.  The vivid solids and tasteful, long-colour-run gradients are visually stunning.  And it comes from a yarn company that specialises in high-quality yarns, milled in Europe.

The reason we love laceweight mohair blends so much is because of their uniquely versatile characteristics.  You can knit simple, lightweight, accessories – cowls, scarves, wraps, capelets – and even cardigans and sweaters, with just one strand of mohair at a very loose gauge in plain stockinette or garter stitch, and they will come out as light and soft as a cloud, while still warm and snuggly, with a magnificent halo.  Or, hold one strand of mohair together with any other yarn to knit more robust garments and accessories at a denser gauge.  Either way, the mohair adds visual and textural interest.  Colour and texture blending with strands of different yarns is so much fun, and so easy to do!

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