Punch Needle Embroidery (Finished)

Skill Level: Complete Beginner
Date: Saturday, 30 Nov, 2:00 – 4:00 pm (1 session, 2 hours total)
Instructor: Robbie Laughlin
Cost: $24 + HST


Needle punch embroidery is a fun way to exercise your yarn creativity.  Technically, it’s a form of embroidery, and it does involve working patterns into a backing fabric held in place by an embroidery hoop, but it’s way less fussy to learn – there’s really just one basic ‘stitch’ technique, though you can do a lot of creative things with it.

A needle punch is a tool that looks a bit like a pen with a needle at the end. To embroider, the needle is threaded with yarn or embroidery floss, then punched through the hooped fabric to pull up a loop of the fiber.

It’s a bit like rug-hooking, and the results are similar (depending on the size of needle & yarn or thread used), but the mechanics are slightly different.

Techniques Covered
  • planning a design
  • selecting materials
  • transferring your design to backing fabric
  • working with an embroidery hoop
  • using a punch needle to make stitches
  • managing yarns and dealing with ends


  • materials kit ($50 at Creative Yarns).  Contains the following items (available separately):
    • embroidery hoop ($30)
    • punch needle ($18)
    • backing cloth ($7)
  • one skein worsted or aran weight yarn
  • scraps of equivalent yarn in contrasting colours
  • scissors

There is no homework required to prepare for this class.

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