Tunisian Crochet (Finished)

Skill Level: Basic crochet
Date: Saturdays, 26 Oct & 2 Nov, 1:00 – 3:00 pm (2 sessions, 4 hours total)
Instructor: Liane Schwarz
Cost: $48 + HST


Tunisian crochet’s hybrid technique combines elements of crochet and knitting, and produces a love child that looks surprisingly like neither parent, but rather a very attractive woven fabric. But the real wonder of it comes with its speed and creativity, because once you have mastered the basics you will be making holiday gifts in a blink and playing with colour combinations like an expert designer. And if you’re anything like me, you will wonder where this lovely creature has been all your life!

Techniques Covered

• manipulating the tunisian crochet hook
• understanding the proportions
• foundation chaining
• tunisian simple stitch
• increasing and decreasing
• changing/adding colours
• finishing


• basic crochet (a beginner class is fine)


• three 50gr balls of heavy worsted or aran weight yarn/wool (preferably in
complementary colours)
• 8mm tunisian crochet hook
• locking stitch markers
• one large decorative button


There is no homework required to prepare for the first class.  Between-sessions homework is minimal; we will be making a tri-coloured headband that showcases a variety of techniques within a manageable time frame. Most students will finish within the class time. Those who don’t will only have a small stretch of fabric for homework.

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