Becoming a Yarn Sommelier (Finished)

  • Skill level: All welcome
  • Dates: Saturday, 3 Oct, 2:00pm-5:00pm (1 sessions, 3 hours)
  • Instructor: Sherri Bondy
  • Cost: $35 + HST

Confused about how to substitute yarns for projects? Don’t know Alpaca from acrylic? Learn how to fearlessly pick the appropriate yarn fibre and characteristics to make your projects shine.

Join us for a lively discussion about types of wool, the differences between animal and vegetable fibres, and how raw fleece is transformed into a wonderful, finished, plied yarn. Knowing more about wool and fibre will help you make more educated choices about substituting yarn, or even why the designer specified certain types of fibres when creating the patterns. Learn the difference between Superwash-treated and untreated wool, fibre preparation, and how it affects your final project.

Topics covered

You will learn about:

  • different types of wool from a variety of animals and plants
  • yarn structures
  • fibre treatment types (Superwash, untreated)
  • understanding designer intent and making yarn substitutions
  • how yarn and fibre type affect projects
  • how yarn and fibre type affect garment care

This is a ‘lecture’ format class, with a tactile focus.  The instructor will bring samples of many different yarns and fibres for you to feel and examine.


Please bring the following with you to class:

  • pen/pencil & paper

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