Colour Theory (Finished)

  • Colour_wheelSkill level: All welcome
  • Date: Saturday,  7 Nov, 10:30 am – 1:00 pm (1 session, 2.5 hours)
  • Instructor: Mairi McKissock
  • Cost: $30 + HST

Are you hesitant to choose colours for a new project?  Have you always wondered why some colours work well together and others just don’t?  Join us for a discussion on colour theory, with some practical exercises to illustrate the lesson in yarn and help you apply what you learn to your wardrobe and favourite crafts.

Topics covered

You will learn about:

  • standard terminology for colour theory
  • three dimensions of colour, and how to work within each
  • optical mixing, and how to make it work for you
  • templates for choosing complementary or contrasting colours
  • how to use a colour wheel
  • computer-based colour tools you may love
Skill prerequisites



Please bring the following with you to class:

  • A notebook and pen/pencil
  • One or more skeins of yarn in colours you love or use all the time
  • One or more skeins of yarn in colours you dislike or can’t get to work with anything else
  • A favourite blouse or top in a non-neutral colour
  • A clothes hanger

Bring as many skeins of yarn as you want – the more we have, the more combinations we will be able to explore.

Please tag all skeins with your name.  We will be passing these around to explore colour combinations, and name tags will ensure that your own skeins go back home with you!


There is no homework required to prepare for this class.

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