December mini-socks

advent_calendarMini-socks have become a Creative Yarns holiday season tradition.  Mairi, one of our teachers, makes mini-socks all year out of sock yarn leftovers, and then gives them away in December to friends and customers who happen to be at the store when she is there.  This year, we again have a mini-sock advent calendar—24 mini-socks on a chain, each one stuffed with a chocolate treat.  Every day from now until Christmas Eve, the first customer each day will get that day’s mini-sock treat.  So, don’t forget to ask Nina if today’s mini-sock has been claimed yet!

But Mairi has more mini-socks.  Lots  How many can you count in this picture?  That’s how many Mairi has to give away this year (it has been a good year for sock yarn leftovers).  So if you haven’t got a mini-sock yet, stop by the store often to look for Mairi and her mini-socks.

What do you do with mini-socks?  Use them in your holiday celebrations as gift tags or tree ornaments, or all year round as zipper pulls, purse ornaments, or just a handy little pocket for small things that always get lost at the bottom of your handbag.

Mairi would especially like to thank all the people who have donated left-over sock yarn.

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