New Yarn—’Lumio’ by Schachenmayr

Lumia_yarnHere’s one of the most interesting new yarn offerings of the season – a super-bulky, quick knitting, easy-care acrylic yarn for making winter hats and scarves, but with a novel twist: regular flecks of light-reflecting material that make it glow in the dark, reflecting car headlights and other light sources.  An excellent choice if you are knitting scarves or hats for a dog-walker, cyclist, or any regular pedestrian in our long, dark winters.

Take a look at the picture on the right, showing the colours Nina has in stock at the moment.  Both pictures were taken in daylight, but the top one was taken with a flash, the bottom one without.  The reflective material is bright enough to show quite well under a camera flash, even in daylight.  We think this yarn is a winner!

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