Featured Pattern—All the Shades of Truth


“All the Shades of Truth” wrap

colour_block_scarf_2This gorgeous wrap was knitted by Gail, one of our regulars, from a pattern by Laura Ayler.  The pattern is called “All the Shades of Truth”, and it’s available for sale on Ravelry (link here).

It’s a lovely pattern, all in garter stitch and very simple to knit, being worked in blocks of colour with stitches picked up and knitted on for each new block.  This version is worked with a combination of fingering weight yarns, including the Mountain Ridge Kaleidoscope and Baah! La Jolla, but the possibilities are endless.  Nina has a great selection of suitable yarns in solid and semi-solid colours.  She is working on an alternate colourway in a mix of Madeline Tosh and Mountain Ridge yarns, with a beautiful, strong, semi-solid orange-yellow accent, and we have another knitter starting one in shades of brown.colour_block_scarf_in_progress

If you are as impressed by this wrap as we are, why don’t you stop by the store for help picking colours, and knit along with us.

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