New Yarn—Creative Yarns own hand-dyed yarns


Self-striping BFL sock yarn, colourway “Thursday”

We are very pleased to announce that we are beginning to dye our own unique yarns, albeit on a very small scale as yet.


Self-striping BFL sock yarn, colourway “REM”

Some of you have already had the opportunity to purchase custom-dyed yarns for the Colour Pooling workshops that were held this Fall/Winter, and we now have a few skeins of self-striping BFL Sock yarn available for sale in the store.

‘BFL’, of course, stands for ‘Blue-Faced Leicester’, a soft, strong, long-staple premium wool fibre with a great hand.  It’s one of our favourite fibres, and makes excellent socks with good wear characteristics.

Self-striping yarns are fun to work with, but as the colour repeat is extremely long, it’s impossible to tell from the skein what they will look like when knit up.  Some of you have said that you enjoy surprises, but we do have sample cards in the store for each new colourway.  These show what they look like when knit in a typical sock circumference.  Just two so far, as shown here, but there will be more.


“Thursday” knitted sample


“REM” knitted sample

At the moment, there are only a very few of these skeins, and we do not have the capacity to dye custom orders, but we will be producing more, and also trying out new colourways.  So, look out for the Creative Yarns colourway sample cards in the store, and be sure to tell Nina what colours you like best.  We’d like to know which are your favourites, so that we know which to dye more of.


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