New Yarn – ‘Boboli Lace’ by Berroco

boboli_lace_colours_IIIBerroco’s Boboli yarn has been popular here for a while now, so we’re delighted to see this new, lighter weight version of the same fibre mix.  Although it calls itself a lace yarn, it’s more like a fingering weight in yardage and behaviour. boboli_lace_colours_I Single-ply, like it’s heavier cousins, it has the same exciting colour mixes that made Boboli so popular, and the same, wool-rich, fibre composition: 42% wool, 35% acrylic, 23% rayon/viscose.  It’s lovely to work with, and the dynamic play of colours is fun to watch under your fingers.

boboli_lace_shawl_VNina has worked a simple striped triangle shawl with one ball of Boboli lace, and one ball of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Fine in a complementary solid to show off the Boboli colours to great effect.  It’s a simple, fun knit (at an economical price) and we think it looks terrific!

boboli_lace_shawl_IIIThere are so many colours in each ball, that the possible combinations are endless.  These yarns have been flying off the shelves in all colourways, and we are looking forward to seeing many of them coming back as finished shawls.

boboli_lace_shawl_IWhat colours would you pick to knit this shawl?


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